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How to upload financials from Excel
How to upload financials from Excel
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On Equidam, you can input your financial projections and balance sheet numbers by directly uploading your Excel file. This article will explain the upload flow and how to format your Excel to upload it successfully. A compatible Excel sample is available here.

The upload flow

The upload button is situated in the submenu "Manage Values" on the top right of the Financials tab.

From there, our guided wizard will have instructions on how to proceed with the upload.

How to format your Excel file

Sheet Name

  • The sheet containing financial data must be named "Equidam Financials Input" or contain this string in the sheet's name.


  • The first column (A) should contain row titles.

  • The second column (B) should contain row items from the projections or balance sheet; they must be precisely the following:

    • For the projections

      • Revenue

      • Costs of Goods Sold

      • Salaries

      • Other Operating Expenses

      • Total Depreciation & Amortization

      • Interest

      • Taxes

      • Receivables

      • Inventory

      • Payables

      • Other Operating Costs

      • Debt

      • Fundraising Plan

    • For the balance sheet

      • Cash and Cash Equivalents

      • Tangible Assets

      • Intangible Assets

      • Financial Assets

      • Deferred Tax Assets

      • Short-term Liabilities

      • Equity

  • The third column (C) is free; it can contain comments or other numbers, but it will not be taken into account in the upload.

  • The following columns should contain numeric data for the respective years. Our inputs require a year of past data and a minimum of 3 years of projected financials. This means that in your Excel you'll have to have a minimum of 4 columns with items for the projections. For the balance sheet, one column, column (D) is the only one used.

  • Each year column should contain the text "Year 1", "Year 2" etc, and the cell after the highest year should contain the text "Comments". This tells the upload that there are no more following years to upload.

How to format numbers

Numeric data should be formatted in the accounting way as follows:

  • Regular numbers: 12345

  • Negative numbers: (12345)

  • Zero values: -

Excel Sample

A fully functional and compatible sheet can be found at the link below:

The best way to use it is to add it to your Excel file as a new sheet and then connect its cells with your model. This way, you will be able to upload your entire Excel whenever you update your data.

Data Privacy

We do not save or look at the Excel file uploaded. Our server just attempts to extract the necessary information from the sheet named "Equidam Financials Input". Once the information is extracted, the sheet is immediately deleted.

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