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Customize your reports
Customize your reports

Give your reports a personalized look with these changes

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There are several aspects of the report that the user can change to suit the characteristics of their company. These changes do not represent a change in the result of the valuation or its format, they simply help to generate a more personalized report.

These changes can be made from the Company profile tab on the left navigation menu πŸ‘‡

1. Change the default colour of your report to your company profile.

Simply type the 6 digit colour HEX code in the box below and hit enter.

It will be automatically applied. You can see the selected colour next to the entered number. This is how it will look in the report, you can see an example below.

2. Add your company logo.

It will make your report more professional and personalized. Make sure the image is less than 1 MB, and it's JPEG, JPG, or PNG.

This is how it would look like in the report.

3. Modify to your liking the description of your company.

The description will be shown on the report as indicated in the image.

Essentially, you can customize the report colour, insert your company logo, as well as add a business description, and other company-specific information in the Company profile tab on the left navigation menu presented in the first image.

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