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Update or change valuation
Update or change valuation

Will I be able to update/change my valuation?

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Yes, indeed! Throughout the access period you will purchase, you can change and update your company valuation as many times as you need to.

There are three aspects of the valuation that you can adjust in order to change it, as mentioned above you can change these variables as many times as you like, as long as your valuation has not expired (within the access days you have purchased).

Three ways to change your valuation

1. Change the financials input

The report is created mainly based on the numbers you enter in the financials table. This is where you detail the most important aspects of your company's financials and what your projections are for your business. As you change these inputs, the valuation calculation changes and your report will automatically update each time you save them.

Pay special attention to this part of the process, as your valuation results will change completely depending on these adjustments.

2. Change the questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of 37 questions that are used to take into account the qualitative aspects of the company such as the Team, the Business Model, Product and Market and IP and Legal.

Quick Tip: you can click on "show only unanswered" to make sure you didn't forget to answer any question.

The questionnaire is also a fundamental component of the valuation result. Changes made in this section will directly affect the data and therefore the valuation.

For this reason, we recommend that you answer these questions as honestly and realistically as possible, otherwise it may result in an unrealistic valuation or inaccuracy.

3. Change advanced settings

This last option is only recommended for people who have some knowledge of valuation, but for the average user, it shouldn't be necessary to make any changes to these settings.
In case you are one of those valuation experts, you have the possibility to adjust the weights of the 5 methods used for the creation of the valuation. So, adjusting the weights of the methods in the average will change the final outcome of the valuation.

Quick Tip: You can click on "custom values" in case you change them, and you want to go back to Equidam's default values.

As mentioned earlier, this option is only recommended for those who know how it works and have a clear idea of the weights they want for each method.

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