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At Equidam, we are very much data-focused. For us, data is:

  • at the very core of our product, as to compute the valuation we need to receive the qualitative and quantitative information of your business 

  • at the basis of how we create value for our customers, through the insights you get into the value of your company 

  • very important to accomplish our mission of empowering companies to make the best value-driven decisions

  • the main source of improvement for our product

Therefore, we take the respect and protection of your data privacy and security very seriously. 

For these reasons, there are few important points concerning privacy and security that we would like to let you know: 

  1. Equidam doesn’t share or sell company-identifiable financial or descriptive information to third parties. We may share this type of information exclusively through aggregation and anonymization techniques, which prevent the information from being associated or identified with any one account, company, or individual. This information may be used for a wide variety of statistical and analytical purposes.

  2. We safely store data in Amsterdam, NL, in compliance with EU data protection laws.

  3. We maintain and process information in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with the Dutch Personal data Protection Act and the Dutch Telecommunications Act which both follow EU data protection laws.

You can read more information on our Privacy Policy. 

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