The 10 initial questions resulted in an estimate of your valuation based on what similar companies are worth.

Here is an overview of the next steps to reach a solid valuation: 

  1. Questionnaire: Capture the value of your team, your strategy and market, and other qualitative aspects of your business
  2. Financials: Capture the value of your estimated future cash flows 

You can checkout the resulting valuation on the Dashboard anytime, or by clicking on the save button. 

For pros: if you'd like to adjust the advanced valuation parameters (such as weight the methods, EBITDA multiple, etc.), you can do so in the Advanced Settings tab. 

Once you are confident with your valuation, you can continue by preparing the remaining information for your valuation report in the following tabs: 

  1. Transaction: Specify amount of capital, use of funds, and past funding rounds  
  2. Company: Provide your company logo, business description and pitch, current shareholders, and other company-related information. 

You are ready to download your valuation report from the Reports tabs!

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